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Cleansing Winter

It is no longer winter in Seattle.  From November until now I've been on a journey somewhere between here (Seattle) and my childhood home (Duluth, MN) cleansing my life of unwanted habits and patterns – including my relationships with people and food.

Winter 2012 to 2013 063

Immediately after my return from Christmas holiday in Minnesota I went on a hard core cleanse – unfortunately resulting in my inability to write about food as I rebuilt my relationship with it.  Instead of writing about food I found myself doing yoga and eating lots of quinoa and lentils as I rebuilt my immune system and heart after a long stretch of abusing them both.

Winter 2012 to 2013 207

Meanwhile I finished the last bits of ending a partnership of 8 years – cleaning out the pockets of my subconcious and shining light in places suppressed.

Winter 2012 to 2013 406

It is time again to come back to the world.  The photos here today on this blog are just a smattering of my inner winter – alone with my thoughts, learning to noursish myself again.

Winter 2012 to 2013 173

Below this flower is a poem I wrote.  I share it as we begin our journey again together and as we enter spring, a new moon and a lifetime of possibility grown from words and a healthy sense of adventure.

Winter 2012 to 2013 328

out of touch

He did not
know how to make soup. She took

the cauldron
with her. Giant stock pot filled with rainbow

chard, kale,
leeks, bay leaf from laurel crown. Cylindrical lake nesting

warm stew.
Humanity broth. Food for skin.


hummingbird ambition

Lilith left


Adam alone
with his rib.


The wind through

tree – wished.

Winter 2012 to 2013 462


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