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Shakimah Freeways and Mole

I drove amid 16 lanes of freeway today on the 405 from Los Angeles to Costa Mesa to reach my class. "How long did it take you?" one of my cohorts inquired. I said an hour, "oh that's pretty good!" was the reply. If it wasn't clear before that I am an interloper on this sunny soil known as LA, it was then.

As a gift for my journey across highway and county borders the parking lot presented this lovely rose. Symbolic of my day and the reason I traveled to Los Angeles in the first place, reconnection to female friends and my own divine feminine self.
The age we find ourselves in is the time for a reunification with the parts of ourselves that have been for too long separate or suppressed. Those who haven't experienced great change in the last year, or the failure of old structures and ways of doing things are either in denial or not paying attention. I've gratefully, but with much effort and discomfort, reunited with my inner child, found vulnerability and it's benefits and began the journey of my co-creative life.
It was not an easy journey, nor is it at an end. Today I met another guide to remember that which was forgot and reclaim that which was scattered in the story of Shakirah, the first light of the universe and the mother of the big bang. I'll leave your curiosity to wonder and investigate more on your own – but feel free to contact me to be directed to opportunities to explore more.
This light fixture you see above is made from a plastic colander. My friend and I found it here. A place famous for it mole and Comida de Oaxaca.
I did not order, but enjoyed greatly this menu option.
Baaa says the little goat in the bowl. But seriously the mole.
This is enchiladas campensinas. Red mole, a little sweeter than I expected, filled with chicken. It was a tasty experience.
The establishment was rockin out upon our arrival around 9:30pm. A band and layers of acrid BBQ and pepper smoke filled the room with a lucious aroma and sound. I sneezed then bellied up to bar to await our table with a mitla (pomegranate and mescal drink).
A toast to a day of discovery and adventure. Sunday and my journey home awaits.


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