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Making it to Marathon Florida

This morning we were dragged from our bed bright eyed and bushy tailed to the Moose Legion elections and breakfast. We thought that after said breakfast we would get an early start toward our Keys adventure, not so lucky- as we were both kidnapped by Dad for one final visit to his lodge and when we finally got on the road we were greeted by the check air pressure light.

Which became a nail and a screw in our mid-sized SUV free upgrade tire smiling at us in the sun of the Ronald Reagan Expressway roughly ten miles from Miami. A donut spare tire and a call to roadside assistance later we were on the way, not to the keys, but to Miami to exchange our rental car at the airport.

Many hours later after exchanging many miles of roadway with multiple aggravated drivers insisting on tailgating on a single lane highway we made it to Marathon, Florida and checked into our villa. There we showered, enjoyed the sunset, and identified a dinner destination.

Castaway restaurant and sushi bar, a waterside establishment that after dark still has wonderful tasting food & drink – but I would not recommend sitting outside. We did, and have the not from here mosquito bite bumps on our legs to show for it.

Despite our mosquito companions we enjoyed a meal involving raw conch, octopus, and this well plated Lion fish sushi roll.

Along with sautéed alligator, fresh snapper
and honeybuns just for random.
We were happy and very full campers.






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