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Sunchoke or Jerusalem Artichoke Spectacular

What is a Jerusalem Artichoke?

Jan 2012 sun choke 001
Otherwise known as a Sunchoke the Jerusalem Artichoke is a tuber of a perennial plant native to North America originally cultivated by Native Americans in what is now known as New England. 

Jan 2012 sun choke 005The Jerusalem Artichoke's early popularity in American horticulture was overshadowed by the larger yeilding potato.  However, if you are into sustainable gardening or eating your yard the Jerusalem Artichoke is just your food – its plant is a pretty yellow flower, has no known pests, and upon planting becomes a permanent fixture of your garden or yard.  Thus, before you plant it make sure you want it where you put it as it will volunteer itself again and again for your viewing and eating enjoyment.

Here are a couple photos of the flower I found from fellow bloggers out on the internet.


Photo above from Tiny Farm Blog (


Here are the plants in a bunch in the garden of 

The  Jerusalem Artichoke we ate was purchased at Pike Place Market by Misty Dawn and her visiting vegan friend from Chicago. 

Jan 2012 sun choke 008

We prepared it as part of an eclectic vegan feast this past Thursday before we headed to a poetry open mic.

Jan 2012 sun choke 030

Sunchoke can be eaten raw, cooked or marinated.  We decided to sauté ours in olive oil with a little bit of shallot, garlic and salt & pepper so that the essence of its flavor could be recognized and enjoyed.

Jan 2012 sun choke 017

 The Sunchoke was star among our other fruits of the earth with such features as these Northwest wild mushrooms.

Jan 2012 sun choke 025

Tomatillos and Serano peppers

Jan 2012 sun choke 027

and beautiful mustard blackened brussel sprouts.

Jan 2012 sun choke 023
Jerusalem Artichoke cooking tips:

Scrub well but lightly as they bruise easily.

Upon cutting they oxidize quickly so either sauté immediately for 3- 5 minutes in hot oil in a stainless steel wok or marinate in lemon juice and or vinegar.

Avoid over cooking or cooking in aluminum or iron pans as they will turn into an unappealing mush and discolor.


2 thoughts on “Sunchoke or Jerusalem Artichoke Spectacular”

  1. Nice topic, Angel. I grew some one year, they got really tall and had those pretty daisy-like flowers on top. The tubers were so small, they weren’t worth the labor to clean, etc. I haven’t planted them since, but they are indeed easy to grow.


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