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The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette

Enjoying dinner at The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette.

Life Activation Rescuing a Dragon from Casa Loma and Lunch at Richmond Station

Arriving in Toronto for Life Activation training, checking out Casa Loma and finding a dragon.

Niagara Falls is as Pretty as They Say It Is

Going to Niagara Falls for a couple hours to take a few photos for the heck of it.

Toronto Tapas at Bar Raval to Satiate an Energy Healer’s Appetite

Enjoying a night at Bar Raval after a full day of study.

Sunny day in Toronto Eating Breakfast at Schmaltz Appetizing and Dinner at Brothers Food and Wine

Adventuring around Toronto finding Schmaltz Appetizing and Brothers Food & Wine.

A Day in Toronto – Cheddar Waffles a T-Rex and Dinner at Antler

A day exploring the city of Toronto finding dinosaurs and venison tartare.

Cascadia Poetry Festival Day One – Knowing Home

Living as bioregional poets to remember where we are, and to know the face of our home. #cpf3 #cascadia

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