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Old Town San Diego and Eating Mexican Food at El Agave

Completing our San Diego vacation with a tour of Old Town.

Balboa Park Cannibals Food Truck Ceviche and Opulent Steak in San Diego

Enjoying Balboa Park and eating opulently at Born and Raised Steakhouse in San Diego.

The Midway Museum and Copious Seafood in San Diego

Taking in The Midway Museum and eating a lot of amazing things from the sea.

From Mission Beach to Barrio Logan with La Jolla In-between

From the sea lions of La Jolla to the history of Chicano Park in Barrio Logan.

Hillcrest Farmers Market and an Odd Mission Beach Airbnb in Sunny San Diego

Arriving in sunny San Diego to find some Farmer’s Market fun and a less than up to par Airbnb.

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