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Grammy Brunch at Brunch and Mulhulland Drive with Friends

When I woke up in Los Angeles on Sunday morning I found these two boys looking at me from my phone. Greetings from Seattle! As much as I love to travel, I am happy always to come home – especially with two fuzzy friends waiting for me. Sunday was accidentally the most LA of my … Read more

Shakimah Freeways and Mole

I drove amid 16 lanes of freeway today on the 405 from Los Angeles to Costa Mesa to reach my class. "How long did it take you?" one of my cohorts inquired. I said an hour, "oh that's pretty good!" was the reply. If it wasn't clear before that I am an interloper on this … Read more

Friday Night LAX adventure and Korea Town Yum

Luckily I didn't know two months ago that I would be recovering from ankle surgery at the end of January. Had I known I may have chosen not to travel on a notion and a whim to Los Angeles for a little visit with a good friend and a class. I also would have missed … Read more

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