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Adventure on the Keweenaw Peninsula

Exploring places of interest on the Keweenaw Peninsula.

A Slow Sunday in Austin Texas Eating and Waiting for Bats

A Sunday in Austin wandering for flavor and discovery.

Friday at Blogher Food 2016 in Austin

A Friday engaging in Blogher Food conference and eating at Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill.

Exploring Austin and Eating at Dai Due

Eating at Dai Due in Austin with a friend.

Arriving in Austin Texas for Fun in the Blogher Sphere

My first night and morning eating BBQ in Austin, Texas.

South Austin Food Tour and Blogging

I'm going to go a little post-modern and blog about blogging about blogging. Day One of BlogHerFood 2013 and there was a lot about blogging – meanwhile I planned my blog post and hoped for content. That is the end of my story about the conference. At the end of the day I made some … Read more

Austin City Limits and La Condesa

I left my house at 3am yesterday morning for Austin, Texas. Let me just say that 3am is really early and by the time I caught my connecting flight in San Francisco it felt like a full day already. But I made it to Texas, checked into my hotel and I managed to wander around … Read more

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