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Traveling to Cuba from the United States – A Guide for the US Citizen Traveler

This article is meant to be a guide providing accurate and helpful information for an United States Citizen, entering Cuba from the United States, to travel to Cuba comfortably, safely, and in as humanitarian of manner as possible. Any statements in this article are based on my first hand observation as a traveler, if I … Read more

The Biltmore Estate is Very Very Large

In fact it is known as America’s largest private residence. It is a 250 room French Renaissance chateau/ summer home/retreat center for the George Vanderbilt family – built over 6 years and completed in 1895. I am going to admit that I had no idea what we were going to see when Jeremy booked our … Read more

Mobile Alabama and American Royalty

Heading into Mobile I had no idea what to expect of it honestly. I did not do much research other than reading a few restaurant lists and listening to a few weather forecasts. Yet setting foot on its soil on a Friday evening in September, it immediately felt like a friendly and inviting place. They … Read more

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, the Lizzy Bordan House with a Side of Fresh Seafood

If you want to step directly into the pages of the novel Moby Dick, go to the New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park. This area is preserved as best as it can be to showcase the history of whaling industry that once brought thousands to the area, and made New Bedford one of the richest … Read more

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