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Lockhart Texas BBQ for a Sunday Drive

My last day in Texas was by far the best thanks to a wonderful new friend and her willingness to drive a food loving tourist to experience real Texas BBQ.

I woke up to the sound of rain pouring down my hotel window and the first real rest I'd had in days.

Dreams of orange juice and cold medicine danced in my head as I stared around my hotel room at the aftermath of my three day stay and freebie filled conference. Instead I had this for breakfast.

The best sausage I've had in my life. You could taste 5 generations of hand crafted goodness at Black's Barbecue.

This is generation #4 showing us the pit where this flavor comes from.

It takes 56 cords of post oak a year to keep Black's producing this lovely smoke ringed brisket, ribs, turkey, chicken and 5 types of sausage 8 days per week.

The sign of good barbecue is the red ring around the edge of the meat. It is where the smoke of slow cooked care seeps into the sinew and creates the flavor that fuels the passion behind this Americana cuisine.

Thiss i Smitty's, a family tradition in Lockhart as old as the creosalt is thick on its smoke filled halls.

You wait in line by the open fire pits.

This close (see my foot).

Then receive your package of BBQ wrapped in butcher paper.

Eat it in the giant cafeteria with your chosen accompaniments (except barbecue sauce).

And enjoy your barbecue.

We were so full we packed the rest of our food away in plastic bags and stuck it in the cooler for my plane ride home. We then proceeded to crash a local pond tour and take in a little of Austin suburbia before my flight.

After days of being on foot the hands of a generous friend gave me access to greater Austin and its surrounds by car – completing my first trip to Texas. I will be forever grateful.



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