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Exploring Jamestown the Oldest English Settlement in the United States

Jamestown, Virginia – the first place that an English expedition created a permanent settlement in North America (and what would become the United States of America). The financial investment experiment was funded by King James, thus its name, and initially involved 3 ships and 104 men who chose the location in 1607. They picked the

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American Rover and Boo at the Zoo in Norfolk

Sunday morning we got up with the sunrise, attempted to enjoy our airbnb, then rallied and decided to start with an easy outing to the local zoo. When we pulled up to the parking lot we were a bit concerned to find a police barricade and sooooo many cars. Turns out it was a special

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An Autumn Vacation in Norfolk Virginia

Another autumn comes around and my friends and I are all flying from different corners of the United States to have fun being tourists and explore. This Fall we chose to wander about Virginia – taking in the beach life and historical sites a plenty. Our homebase for the week, a beach house in Ocean

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Relaxing in L’Anse Michigan

This would be my annual 4th of July in Michigan blog post but it rained and there was no parade to report on. There was a parade at Baraga’s Lumberjack Days – but that seemed unfun because we wouldn’t be a tiny community in lawn chairs watching a tiny parade. And because of the rain

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Road Trip 2023 Part 1: Scenic 30A and the Florida Panhandle Beaches

Most of my experience with Florida has been the Southern East Coast on the Atlantic side. Southern Florida is beaches filled with high rise hotels, flocks of tourists, strip malls and development all the way up to the beach itself. A place where no signs of the nature that existed before Flagler’s railroad, steamships, A1A

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